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Money Saving Tips

No matter what your budget, knowing there are less expensive routes for your wedding will still allow you to have the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank. Be sure to check out all of the alternatives when planning your wedding. Having the wedding of your dreams doesn’t mean you have to go broke so here are a few tips that could help you stay within your budget.

1. Have your wedding on a weeknight, Friday or a Sunday. There is less demand for these dates, so vendors will often be willing to give you a better rate. Also consider planning your event during the “off season”, away from holidays like Valentines’ Day & Christmas, or during the month of June, many places will work with you on the price.

2. For religious weddings, consider having your wedding near a major holiday. The church will already be decorated, saving you money on flowers for the ceremony. On other days, look for simplicity. A candlelit ceremony can be romantic, gorgeous, and inexpensive.

3. Most wedding coordinators can save you money because they know about all these tips plus more, what to say to and ask your vendors, and they have connections in the industry.

4. Or you could hire a wedding consultant to help with the final stages of your wedding; creating a detailed wedding day itinerary, making up a checklist for items at the ceremony & reception locations, and confirming with your vendors. He/She will not be present the day of your wedding but they have everything planned out to a “T” on paper, all you have to do is follow the itinerary.

5. Holding your reception in a hotel has a lot of good points. They usually decorate, have professional services, i.e. DJ, can cater well to large groups, and most likely will include the honeymoon suite, with discounted rooms for out-of-town guests.

6. Instead of party favors that will probably get thrown in a drawer, advise your guests that you and your spouse will be making a donation to a charity. This is a new trend that many brides are choosing. Pick a cause that means something to you. Your MC can say something like: “Instead of favors, the couple has decided to make a donation in their name to the insert charity here.”
7. Check with your florist or garden centre to see if you can rent plants, some places do.

8. Avoid having your wedding on or near a holiday. Flower prices will be more expensive at these times.

9. After the event, donate your flowers to a hospital or nursing home; it’s a thoughtful thing to do and also a tax deduction.

10. Some of the bigger bridal shops have huge sales once a year, usually held at hotels or other big venues such as bridal shows. This is a great time to find that perfect dress as well as your bridesmaids dresses.

11. Go shopping for bridesmaids’ dresses during prom season and after New Year’s, especially if you’re looking for something non-traditional.

12. Take advantage of your credit card miles/points. If your credit card rewards you for using it, try to put all of your wedding expenses on it. Then when planning your honeymoon, examine your credit cards: Make sure you’re not letting any bonus miles or travel matching dollars go unused through your credit cards or retail cards. Who knows, that cruise you wanted to take may now be possible using credit card rewards!

13. Each time you add a name to your invitation list, you’re increasing your budget significantly. It’s not just the catering costs, but also the extra centerpieces, favors, rentals, etc. Don’t invite anyone you haven’t talked to in more than three years. Don’t feel obligated to let single people bring a date. Avoid feeling pressured to invite all your work colleagues. And don’t let your friends bring their children. You can also decide to eliminate categories like “relatives more distant than first cousins” or “friends from volunteer work.” By not inviting anyone from that group, you’ll help avoid hurt feelings.

14. There are many romantic places where you can have a wedding, absolutely free or by just paying a small fee. If you and your fiancé love the outdoors, try the local parks or National Forests. If you or a relative live near a beach, beaches can be extremely affordable. If it has to be an indoor wedding, approach the owner of a local historic home you find beautiful. Sometimes they’ll gladly let you use the facilities for an afternoon, and other times they expect a small fee.

15. The bigger your bridal party, the bigger your budget needs to be. If you are going to have six bridesmaids, you will have to buy six bridesmaid gifts. The same is true for groomsmen. By curbing the size of the bridal party to three instead of six, or two instead of four etc., you will be able to cut your budget for wedding favors by half.

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