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No Kids at the Wedding Please

WeddingVendors.com has some great advice on having an Adult only wedding. If you are reading this you are probably afraid of being labeled as selfish or a child hater, but this is your day. You planned for it, paid for it and deserve to have it the way you want. Even if you are being selfish, having paid a few thousand dollars or more says you have the right to be!

As much as you love your nieces, nephews and even your own children, some of you know that an otherwise perfect day can be tarnished by a misbehaving little one. You don’t want to hurt any one’s feelings, so what should you do? If you don’t mind kids at your wedding, then this article IS NOT for you. If you are in the other group, read on…

Send It With The Invitation
That’s right. You could put it on a separate card and make a reference to it being an adults only event. You may not want to say “no kids please” because the words “adults only” is less like to be seen negatively.

Call Your Guests
Call each and every person who you believe is coming and be honest and upfront. Don’t take too long with the small talk and try to end on a positive note. It would also be a good idea to have babysitters in a separate room at the wedding in case someone forgets or just to bring their little one(s).

Employ Babysitters
If you just don’t want to feel like your a kid-hater, just make a point to have babysitters, and kid friendly food, at your wedding. This way one one will feel left out or “betrayed”. You still to contend with those parents and children that have separation anxiety.

You will have to make sure to tell them that if they plan on bringing children with them, they must be placed with the babysitter you or they provided, in a separate room, no exceptions. Having a room with toys and bright colors could peak a child’s interest, but there is not guarantee.

Hire a babysitting service that specializes in weddings or events. Believe it or not there are companies out there that will provide not only specialized care during your event but will provide entertainment for the children as well. It’s like the kids have gone to their own little party!

Use Psychology
The statement, “This is a day to enjoy yourself too. Leave the kids at home (with our babysitter)”, will definitely bring some of those not-so-understanding parents to your corner. The parents with the most misbehaved kids will be the first to identify with this statement.

If all else fails, just remember the important thing is that you are marrying the one you love and that nothing can change that!

-Article written by
Victoria Williams


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