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Finding the Best for Your Wedding Day.

Congratulations! You’re getting married! You have so much to do, where do you begin? There are so many companies out there to pick from, how do you choose the best one? The key to finding the perfect vendor is research.

Before you even think about who your caterer, photographer, DJ, florist, etc. should be, set a realistic budget. If you and your fiance are paying for the wedding, set a budget that you will stick to. If your parents will be assisting in the cost, whether partially or completely, find out how much they are able to contribute and go from there. So many times couples sit down and draw up their budget with “guesstimates” and are shocked to find out how much items really cost. By doing your homework, you have a better chance of sticking to a more realistic budget and saving money in the long run.

Here a few tips to help you choose the right companies for your special day.

When choosing your wedding services, ask around
Friends and relatives that have recently gotten married LOVE to talk about their wedding. Ask them who they used and what they liked, or didn’t like, about the companies they used. Ask them if they would do anything different. If you recently attended a wedding and were impressed with the DJ for example, ask for their card and follow-up with them after the wedding.

Attend local bridal shows
Bridal shows are a great place to gather information on everything from the wedding dress to preserving your bouquet. Try to find out which vendors will be participating in the show before you attend.. Check out the show’s website to gather as much information as you can before the show. Knowing who will be there in advance gives you a better opportunity to seek out specific companies and find out what they have to offer. Remember, you will have lots of information to sort through by the end of the day so keep notes on those that really impressed you. The best place to take notes is on the actual brochure handed out by each vendor. Once home, refer to your notes to know which vendors you would like to follow-up with in more detail.

Magazines, Websites, Blogs & Message Boards
Another great place to gather information is through bridal magazines and the internet. They will tell you the latest trends as well as provide advice and recommendations about planning the perfect wedding.

Comparison shop
You’ve talked to your friends and gathered information from local bridal shows, magazines, internet, everywhere you can think of. Now what? How do you know which company is going to provide you with the service you require and within your budget? Set up appointments with at least three companies for each service needed. For example, you already have the church lined up but need a reception facility. Set up appointments with three different venues, comparing what each company can offer within your budget. Make sure to ask questions and take notes. Before signing any contracts, be 100% sure that you have read and agree to all the details on the contract and know the company’s policy when it comes to things like rain, cancellations, no shows, etc. What sounds like a great deal won’t be so great if, on your wedding day, you find out the photographer doesn’t take candid shots and the cost of your flowers doesn’t include delivery!

To make it easy on you, we have designed a 48 page wedding planner that lists every question you ever thought of, and more. Download it for FREE at http://www.todaysbrideonline.com/planner.phtml.

Think back to when you were in school, thorough research allowed you to produce top quality work. Don’t you want the same for the most important day of your life?


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