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Springtime Wedding Favors

In today’s world wedding favors have become an expected part of a wedding. Spring has become one of the most popular times to have a wedding. This time of year is full of the colorful flowers and new life after the earths’ long winters nap. Wedding in the spring tend to be full of color and life celebrating the renewal of nature. One of the least expensive ways to add color and life to your reception is through to use of spring and garden wedding favors with the colors and types available you are sure to find what you need to add a little lift to your party.

Candles are a wonderful way to light up your party and a nice souvenir for the guests. This little thank you gift can add a bit of color with say a “Botanical Garden” votive candle holder. This small treasure had a lovely green plant painted on it adding to the spring green. Perhaps you would prefer a lovely Butterfly Design candles with colorful butterflies like the one that emerging from their cocoons after their winters nap. There is sure to be a wonderful spring wedding favor to add color to any spring reception.

Perhaps you would prefer a garden wedding with favors to match a garden theme. The choices many choices for Garden wedding favor. Like spring they can be colorful and fun, like the “Meant to Bee” ceramic honey pot with wooden dipper. This little pot will add a touch of sweetness and fun for your guests. There is also the pretty little butterfly garden gift basket with a package of wild flower seeds for your guests to enjoy the entire season or perhaps you would like a silk cherry blooms fan to cool your guests as the fun heats up. There are so many choices to be had that it is easy to find one that will add to your décor and give your guest a gift to treasure in the seasons to come.

With spring and garden favors there is always one that will be perfect for you adding color and fun to the theme and/or décor. The guests will love the touch of spring and fun while treasuring the wedding favors and the wonderful memories of the event for years to come. The reminder of the season of renewal and new life that comes with it will only heighten the joy that is in the air.

When doing your shopping, check out the online stores. They will have a larger selection than the local bridal shops, because they do not have the problem of shelf space and storage that the local stores do. They also have a higher base of competition that the local stores that make them keep their prices more competitive. They use drop ship straight from the company that eliminates the need for storage and enables them to pass the savings on to their costumer.

Shopping Online can also allow the happy couple to enjoy looking for the perfect gift. Online shopping can be done at any time day or night because the web never closes without the sales clerk standing over your shoulder or them locking the doors before you have finished with your selection.

If you are looking for Spring Wedding Favors or Garden Wedding Favors, visit E-WeddingFavors. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Aaaron_H


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