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The Perfect Pair Of Wedding Shoes

You have such a lot to get through on the day of your wedding – vows at the altar, a photo shoot at the esplanade, cake cutting and carousing at the wedding banquet. It’s small wonder that many a blushing bride hasn’t wilted by midday. A little attention paid to your wedding shoes will go a long way to keeping you beaming on your special day.

Your signature style
In your wedding trousseau, your shoes are your primary accessory. They should serve the two pronged ideal of comfort and quality. Designer shoes are the perfect complement to a gorgeous gown that glitters with crystals and accentuates your curves. Your taste in style will be amplified when your feet are nestling in a pair of satin stilettos similar to the ones worn by celebrities at gala ceremonies. Whether the fabric is silk or satin, an exquisitely designed pair of wedding shoes will instantly become the centre of comment and conjecture among the bevy of beautiful ladies who are invited to your wedding reception.

The right fit
Your choice of shoes should add elegance, grace and grandeur to your wedding outfit. Open toe wedding shoes with low or medium heels offer your pedicured feet a snugly cushioned experience. The gentle curve of your stockinged heels will be exposed in satin slippers clipping the floor at every step. In high heels you’ll command your guests with your hips swinging as you stride in confidence. Perfect grooming with a touch of class will send stars twinkling in your eyes.

Finding the perfect pair

You certainly want to stand out when the finale of your wedding arrives and you dance the wedding waltz with your newly married husband to a hushed and admiring audience. Their gazes will linger on your feet as you twirl with ease on the dance floor, keeping time to the string quartet’s rendition of the ‘Blue Danube’.

To help you locate that elusive pair of perfect shoes you might consider doing the following:

* Shop for your shoes at the same time you decide on your wedding gown. You could start by visiting specialist stores that stock lines of impressive shoes with artistic touches. Your shoe choice should be based mainly on how it complements the gown. If there’s a mismatch between shoes and gown, your memories of your special day might not be so rosy.

* Have your shoes specially designed for you. Your feet are unique to you and having shoes designed to exactly fit them will ensure that you feel as if you’re practically walking on air. A good designer will take scrupulous measurements of your feet and then assess the shape of your ankle and the arc of your sole before crafting a creative design. This tailor made pair of shoes will be perfectly suited to both your temperament and your toes.

Above all else, your wedding shoes must make you feel delighted. They must add a spring to your step as you sashay down the aisle ready to make the man of your dreams the luckiest individual in the crowd.

You can savour your matrimonial day with designer wedding shoes in silk or satin, high heels or slippers. At My Glass Slipper (www.myglassslipper.com), you’ll find the perfect pair that turns you into a Princess.



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