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What To Do With Your Wedding Bouquet

Weddings are special and your bouquet will undoubtedly mean a lot to you and what you do with it will be remembered for years to come.

With women’s growing independence, the tradition of tossing the bouquet into a crowd of single women to determine who will be the next to marry is becoming increasingly “out of favor.” But what alternatives are there?

Have it Preserved
By having your flowers preserved you’ll have a long-lasting reminder of your happy day. Use it as a decoration — dried flowers look beautiful in an old-fashioned farmhouse style setting — or keep it wrapped in acid-free tissue paper in a dark place for future generations to enjoy. Although flower preservation can be done at home, to be certain that you’ll get the results you want, wedding bouquets are best handled by a professional.

Give it to the Longest Married Couple
Have the DJ or band at your reception play a song and ask all the couples to take to the dance floor. At the end of the song, have the DJ or a band member ask all of the couples who have been married for less than five years to leave the floor. Play another song and then repeat the process, asking the couples who have been married less than ten years to leave the floor. Now play half a song (some couples may be getting tired by now) and ask those who have been married less than fifteen years to leave the floor. Continue in this way until you have just one couple left.

Give Every Female Guest a Flower from Your Bouquet
Tell them that the flower is a symbol of the luck and happiness that you want to share with them. If you have a lot of women attending you could give them a petal each rather than a whole flower. Unless your bouquet is particularly sumptuous, of course.

Give it to Your Grandmother
Why? Just because you love her. What better reason than to thank her for everything she’s done for both you and your mother through the years?

Lay it on a Grave
If there’s a special person who couldn’t be with you on your special day, lay the bouquet on his or her grave. What a great way to show you were thinking of them and that they’re still very much loved.

Maybe you’ll have some ideas of you own or perhaps your friends could make suggestions. What’s important is that you do whatever feels right for you. Who knows, maybe you’ll be starting a whole new family tradition.


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