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Free Advice And Guide On Common Wedding Etiquette

by Mary Smith

Common courtesy requires the wedding’s hosts as well as the guests to stick strictly to the wedding etiquette. Proper etiquette will make everything run a little smoother. Here are a few of the most common basics of wedding etiquette.

Basically, wedding etiquette states that all invitations that are sent out must be confirmed by the guests involved whether they are attending the wedding or not. The hosts have the responsibility to contact guests who haven’t replied to be able to know how many will be attending for the sake of preparing and arranging tables.

You have to take into consideration the guests’ marital status when sending out the invitation cards where their partners’ name should be included if the guest is married or engaged. Inviting single guests with a date is a thoughtful gesture, but depends on whether you want to mention bringing a guest or not.

A receiving line is formed to greet the guests individually as they arrive. For smaller functions it is not unusual for the bride and groom to welcome guests themselves. The ushers can be utilized to direct arriving guests to their table and help any who are having difficulty finding their seat.
When it comes to deciding seats for the family and guests of both the bride and groom, usually the etiquette is to put the groom’s family on the right and bride’s on the left. Other than using ushers, providing a table plan will be a good idea to guide guests finding their seats.

Usually the father of the bride will be the first one to deliver the wedding speech followed by the bridegroom. Wedding etiquette requires that the father of the bride will do the honors and welcome everyone to the wedding reception since he is the person responsible for the bill. The groom will need to thank his new father-in-law for the fantastic reception.

Wedding etiquette also dictates when the bridal couple opens then dance floor to the guests but it is tradition for father and daughter to have their customary dance first. The hosts must be aware of things which are traditions and which are wedding etiquette. Unlike wedding etiquette, there are no specific rules for traditions.

About the Author:
If you find this helpful and to learn more about
traditional wedding etiquette, do visit Mary Smith at weddingspeechfree.com where she writes more articles including favorite sister wedding poem.


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