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Hot Trends in Wedding Favors for 2009

Apart from the gown that the bride wears or the taste of the food or the ambiance of the reception, another thing that guests remember about a wedding is the favors or thank you gifts given out by the newly married couple. Wedding keepsakes that are neither useful nor beautiful usually collect dust and cobwebs in the attic or basement of guests. However, the ones that are adorable and functional usually end up in the living room, bedroom or kitchen of the guests.
If you want your wedding day to be modern and unforgettable, then you might want to carefully choose the favors that you are going to give your guests. Don’t have any idea? Below are some exciting wedding favors 2009 ideas.
Whatever your wedding theme is, candles and candle holders are good ideas for wedding favors to give to your guests and sponsors. However, just make sure that the candles you choose are hip, modern or elegant-looking. If you want wedding favors that are sweet and charming, there are many candle holders and tea lights that are shaped into hearts, butterflies, flowers, wedding cakes, and even castles. There are also candles and holders with novelty designs such as poker chips if you want to get married in Las Vegas, lucky elephants if you have an Asian theme wedding and even seashells for those who are celebrating beach wedding.
Apart from candles, thank you gifts that are practical are also appreciated by your guests. Some wedding favors 2009 that are both useful and tasteful include coasters, bottle stoppers, bottle openers, luggage tags, wine glasses, fans, letter openers and even salt and pepper shakers. Whatever type of wedding favor you choose, make sure that it is aligned with your theme. If you have a traditional or elegant church wedding, you can always choose wedding favors that are silver or metallic, examples are heart-designed bottle openers or autumn leaf bottle stoppers. If you have a winter wedding, then a snowflake-designed silver bookmark is desirable.
Some people prefer their wedding celebration to be novel and unique. If this is what you like, then the favors that you give to your guests should also reflect the light and fun ambiance in your wedding. The wedding favors 2009 that might match your fresh and quirky wedding include cruise ship inspired luggage tags or coasters, apple-shaped peelers, wildflower seeds, heart-shaped cookie cutters, frosted wine glass shades, wacky refrigerator magnets, and even bee-shaped ceramic honey pots.

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