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Wedding Gown Accessories

It goes without saying that choosing a bridal gown is one of the most important parts of the wedding planning process, however, in many cases; the accessories you choose can make or break your entire wedding day look. Your headpiece or veil, wraps and sashes, jewelry, shoes and purses are all key components of your overall wedding style. And choosing them with care can turn your pretty wedding dress into a stunning and memorable wedding impression. If you’re not quite sure how to accessorize your wedding dress, take a look at these tips for accenting and completing your wedding day ensemble.

Ribbons and Sashes

A ribbon or sash can change the entire look of your wedding gown. You can choose a rich satin sash that will coordinate with the rest of your bridal party, and make a bold statement at the same time. Sashes work very well with simple A-line styles and empire waists. And depending on the way they’re wrapped and worn, they can turn a style that’s flattering into a style that’s downright head-turning. Most sashes are narrower at the center and gradually widen toward the ends, creating beautifully angled tails that drape over your train or along the side of your dress. They can be tied or wrapped in many different ways, using bows, knots and tails to draw the eye to your favorite part of the dress, or to flatter your curves. You can use ribbons in the same way, tying them at, above or below the waist to define your shape and call attention to your best features.

pink%20veilVeils and Headpieces

Your veil sets you apart from the rest of the wedding party, marking you as the star of the day. There are nearly as many kinds of veils as there are wedding gowns, and each of them can accentuate your wedding gown and your individual style in different ways. Choosing a wedding veil that suits you is a personal decision, but there are some tips you can follow to help you find the most flattering and attractive wedding veil for you and your dress. Different lengths and shapes can complement your wedding outfit in different ways. In general, your veil should not be longer or more voluminous than your dress.

Here are a few more guidelines to keep in mind when choosing your wedding veil: If your wedding dress has color accents, a veil with matching colored trim around the edge can pull your look together and emphasize the shape of the veil. Fingertip and elbow length veils work well with any length of gown. When choosing a veil this length, consider how it will draw the eye and add width to your silhouette. Choose a simple and elegant veil to complement simple, modern style gowns. In addition to a veil, a bride may choose to wear a headpiece. The headpiece may be a base for a wedding veil or be worn alone. Tiaras, combs and clips can all add a special touch to your overall wedding look.

AlfredAngeloShrugSleeves and Wraps

If you love that strapless gown, but want a little more coverage, there are a variety of accessories that you can add to your dress to make uniquely your own. While most people would consider sleeves to be an integral part of the dress itself, there are sleeves that can be added to your dress as an accessory. Choose from a variety of lengths including cap sleeves, short sleeves, three quarter length sleeves and long sleeves in transparent lace to accent your dress and accentuate your figure. Wraps and stoles are another way to add coverage to your gown, or keep you warm on a chilly wedding day without spoiling your bridal look. A satin bolero jacket is a stylish way to cover up and change the neckline of your gown, while a fur-lined cape is the perfect cover-up for a winter bride.


Gloves are yet another accessory that can change the entire look of your wedding ensemble. One of the most popular glove styles for today’s bride is the elbow length gauntlet. Elegant and smooth, gauntlets provide coverage to the elbow while leaving the fingers bare so you can wear your ring. Long gloves (elbow and upper arm length) can draw attention to bare shoulders and necklines. This makes them an excellent accessory for the bride that wants to call attention up to her beautiful face.


The right shoes are absolutely crucial on your wedding day. The ideal shoe is comfortable enough to wear all day and complements your gown and other accessories flawlessly. Keep in mind that you can always dye a shoe to make it match or accent your dress. From ballerina flats to strappy, sky-high pumps, the options are endless. But be sure to choose shoes that fit well and suit your dress style. Remember, you’ll be on your feet posing for photos and dancing at your reception for hours. Between sashes and ribbons, veils and headpieces, sleeves, gloves and shoes, there are so many ways to accessorize your wedding dress and make it truly special.

Jennifer Bailey is a freelance writer who writes about weddings and fashion.

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