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Wedding Decor for Today’s Bride

When thinking about wedding reception decoration ideas, most couples usually focus too much about choosing the right flowers and the centerpiece then forgetting about everything else. This is absolutely wrong. If you want a perfect wedding, you should know that although flowers and the centerpieces are indeed significant, there are other things that your wedding reception decoration ideas should focus on and solve to create a visually pleasing affair.

1. Candles – This old-fashioned source of light is not only beautiful to look at but it can also create an exceptionally romantic atmosphere especially at night. Wedding reception decoration ideas concerning candles should consider factors like height, width, color, and aroma. If you’ve got extra money to spare, you should also consider buying candles that give off a special scent to make your wedding smell as beautiful as it looks.

2. Lighting – Wedding reception decoration ideas should consider the lighting of the venue. If possible, use various kinds of lights to create the proper atmosphere. For cocktails or the entrance of bride and groom, it’s important to allow your guests to see everything and everyone in all its glory. Make sure that the lights can be dimmed, however, when it’s time for couples to dance.

3. Chair Decor – Wedding reception decoration ideas must also focus not just making the seats for the guests comfortable but pretty to look at as well. High-backed chairs are for more formal occasions. Chairs with padded seats are more comfortable but they’re more expensive to rent and heavier to move around. Make sure that you use chairs which can accommodate all sizes if you don’t want to cause discomfort to any of your guests.

4. Statues and Sculptures – Your wedding would be boring to look at if there’s nothing to please the roaming eyes of your guests. Wedding reception decoration ideas should also focus on placing strategically located decorations in the venue to give people something to look at AND serve as an excellent backdrop for picture-taking.

5. Napkins and Cutlery – Even the cutlery and napkin you’ll use for the wedding should be taken care of. Wedding reception decoration ideas regarding this matter should focus on the color and style of your dining ware but be sure to use only what you can afford to buy…or rent.

For more information on wedding decor, contact some of our local vendors for more great ideas at http://www.todaysbrideonline.com/topics/decorations_linens_rentals.phtml and http://www.todaysbrideonline.com/topics/ice_lighting.phtml.

Photos courtesy of L’Nique & Z Media

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