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Money Saving Honeymoon Tips

By: James GunaseelanAfter planning a wedding, many couples barely have enough money to pay for a honeymoon. But with these money saving honeymoon tips, you can still have the honeymoon of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Some of the best tips for saving money on your honeymoon are to use the calendar to your advantage. Look at what time of year you are getting married, and think about destinations where that time of year is off-peak. For example, if you are getting married in the summer, consider a honeymoon to a winter hot-spot like Aspen. Ski resorts have fantastic summer packages and can be just as romantic as a winter trip (minus the skiing). The Caribbean and other tropical destinations are usually much cheaper in the summer. If you are getting married in the fall or spring, consider a trip to Europe, where the rates are much cheaper after the summer. And a beach honeymoon in the winter can be simply perfect. It might be too cold to go for a swim, but the resort towns are much less crowded, and you can save a lot of money.

It might seem like it would be more expensive to book your trip through a travel agent, but using a professional can be one of the best tips to save money on your honeymoon. Travel agents can book hotels and travel (air fare, train tickets, car rentals, etc.) together, often for a deep discount. They also often know tips to save money on your honeymoon once you arrive at your destination. Things like good restaurant deals, the best places to shop, and excursions can all be found at a discount if you know who to ask.

Another tip to save money on your honeymoon is to book your trip at an all-inclusive resort. All-inclusive resorts (like Sandals and Beaches) can be a great way to book a tropical destination with a smaller price tag. Many newlyweds find that an all-inclusive resort makes budgeting for their honeymoon much easier, since meals, accommodations, and entertainment included. Be sure to check to see what is included; some resorts include day trips and drinks in the price, while others may charge extra for these things.

Some of the best money saving honeymoon tips come from thinking outside the box. One unique way to save money on your honeymoon comes from how you pay for your wedding. Do some research into credit cards that offer rewards; hotel stays, frequent flier miles, and cash are all available through various banks. If you use one of these reward cards to pay for your wedding, you may find that a chunk of your honeymoon is already paid for. Some couples also register for their honeymoon as part of their wedding registry. You can let your guests know that things like dinners and excursions will be welcome wedding gifts. And when you are on your trip, be sure to let people know that you are on your honeymoon. Many resorts and hotels offer specials to honeymooners, and restaurants often will give you a free dessert or drink to help you celebrate.

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About the Author

James Gunaseelan writes for Leading matrimonial portal for Brahmins brides and grooms.

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Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/ – Money Saving Honeymoon Tips


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