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What Save The Date Cards Are And Why You May Want Them In Your Wedding Plans

Author:  Gregg Hall

Getting engaged and married is a wonderful, but sometimes very stressful time. There are so many things to think about. When and where is the wedding going to be, who to invite, what colors to use, what to eat, who is going to make the cake and the food, will there be a dance, and who will provide the music? There are all kinds of questions to be answered and dealt with. Not everything has to be so stressful; some of the preparations can be fun.

One of the more fun things to plan is the “save the date cards”. Your save the date cards can be a fun thing to pick out. When choosing your save the date cards have fun and pick fun cards that you like. Part of the reason these cards are fun to pick is because they do not have to match the rest of your invitations or decorations for your wedding. You can choose a different design, and a different color than your wedding colors. You do not have to make sure they match, but they can match if that’s what you want.

Photo Courtesy of Paper Persuasions

Before you get your save the date cards printed you need to know what date you are wanting people to save. Before you can pick a date for sure you will need to check around for a place for the wedding and the reception. If you have a date in mind you will want to check and make sure your church of choice has that date available. After you set the date with the church you will need to find a place to hold the reception. These two events may need to take place at the same time if you already know where you would like to have your wedding and your reception.

Now that you have the place and time you can get your cards printed. Another reason these cards are a little less stressful are because you can do whatever you want with them. There is no set way to do your cards for your event. You will want to make sure you have your names on the cards, and the date and time of the wedding. Other than these few important items, it is up to you what else if anything is on the card. You can put more information on the card if you want, or you can keep it simple.

Who you send the cards to is also up to you. You do not need to send a card to the whole guest list. You do want to make sure that any guests that you really want to be there get a card. When you send your save the date cards is also up to you. Keep in mind that the earlier people know about the event, the easier it is for them to get arrangements made, and make sure nothing else will interfere with their attending. Most people like to send their cards out between six and nine months before the wedding, but it is completely up to you.

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Very Inviting – How to Word Your Wedding Invitations

In an age of impulsively written email and online communication, a beautifully worded invitation is a reminder of the delight that can come from receiving a well-crafted message.   A save-the-date card or invitation is the first glimpse your guests will have of the wedding, so you’ll want it to be special. . .and well-written!

It’s an ageless question:   How exactly do I word my invitations?   As most newly engaged couples know, this can be tricky subject because what’s read between the lines is who’s hosting (in other words, paying for) the wedding.   Fortunately, many of today’s etiquette rules are versatile.   But before you can tweak the rules to meet your unique wording needs, you first have to understand the rules.   The following will guide you through the options you should consider.

Invitations are issued in the third person form.   Traditionally, it is sent in the name of the bride’s parents, if they are paying for majority of the expenses.   If the groom’s parents are sharing the cost, the invitation should be issued in their name also.   If the couple is hosting their own wedding, they may choose to honor their parents by including their names.

The traditional form of a formal wedding invitation

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Taylor
request the honour of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter

Abby Marie
(Mr.) Steven Arthur Keller

Saturday, the eighteenth of November
two thousand and eight
at two o’clock in the afternoon

St. Hilary Catholic Church
2750 West Market Street
Fairlawn, Ohio

For more suggestions on additional forms of invitation wording, click HERE

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