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Mother of the Groom Dress

Published:  May 27, 2010 by The Wedding Wizards

Traditional etiquette states the mother of the groom should wait until the mother of the bride has chosen a dress. The idea is for both mothers to end up wearing similarly formal dresses (one should not wear a ball gown if the other is wearing a strappy sundress).


Not all brides (and mothers of the brides) follow all etiquette rules. You may feel more comfortable wearing a pantsuit instead of a traditional formal dress. This is not a problem, but it should be discussed with the bride and her mother to avoid any awkwardness.

The color of your dress should not match the mother of the bride, but you may want to stay in the same color family. You definitely will want to stay away from the same color as the bridesmaids. If you want to keep in line with the style of the bridesmaid dress, you can invite the bride to go shopping with you for your dress.

Black has been a color that mothers of the groom have stayed away from for years. It is gaining popularity, and if you are able to wear a colored jacket or scarf with your dress, it may be acceptable. The idea would be to stay away from a dress or outfit that will make you appear older or dowdy. You will also want to refrain from an outfit that can be also worn to a funeral (you will want something more festive than this).


You will also want to avoid white, tan, ivory, or off-white (for the obvious reasons of course). Shopping for the mother of the groom dress is easier than in years past. With online shopping, you are able to go to “virtual boutiques” for prior to the wedding. This can give you an idea of what stores carry the items that are of interest to you. When it is time to shop for a dress (approximately 4-6 months prior to the wedding), allow yourself plenty of time to find a dress.

Besides shopping in bridal shops, elegant dresses and gowns can be found in department stores and boutiques. If you are not a shopper, selecting dresses online and having them shipped to your home might be an option for you. You can try on the dresses in the privacy of your own home. Be aware of your home lighting when doing this! The lighting in bridal studios and department stores tend to be brighter than the light we have in our homes.

Ultimately, if you are unable to find a dress that meets your satisfaction, consider finding a pattern that meets your requirements and have the gown made for you. Whatever gown you choose, looking your best on your son’s day is important. Find a style that fits and flatters, and you will not go wrong!

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Mother of the Bride: 4 Jewelry Do’s and Don’ts

Audrey Hepburn is the most searched keyword phrase on our blog.  And rightfully so.  A classic icon, Audrey Hepburn was the epitome of fashion from her role as Princess Anne in Roman Holiday to Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady.  Her style was one of elegance and sophistication, even as a terrorized blind woman in Wait Until Dark .  With over 25 movies to her credit, there is no doubt that Audrey achieved a rarefied position as beloved actress and icon of style.

I recently came across a blog titled Audrey Hepburn and immediately a post about Jewelry Do’s and Don’ts for the Mother-of-the-Bride caught my eye.  Being the fashion icon that she was, and still is,  who better to offer Mother’s -of advice on what and what not to wear at the wedding.

Mother of the Bride: 4 Jewelry Do’s and Don’ts

Next to the bride herself, her lucky groom and their wedding party, you will likely get a fair amount of attention your daughter’s ceremony and the reception. Keep in mind too that you will be one of the stars in the wedding album. You want to be remembered by your future grandchildren for your hip fashion sense, not your hip replacement. Take a few tips from us on how to look your best when your little girl says her vows.

1. DO: Wear modern accessories

Fashion-forward jewelry isn’t about abandoning the classics. Current styles – cascade earrings, lariat necklaces and charm bracelets – have all been seen before. The trick to merging with the next generation is choosing pieces that feature colorful, interesting gemstones. Use them to bring out your eyes, pick up on a subtle color in your dress, or tie your ensemble into the wedding’s color theme.

Continue reading HERE for more Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Jewelry

For more information on Mother-of attire, read Moms Just Wanna Have Fun on TodaysBride.com

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Sun, Oct. 24, 2010
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1989 Front Street, Cuyahoga Falls, OH
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Fashion Shows: 11:30am, 1:00pm, & 2:30pm

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Sun, January 9, 2011
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77 E. Mill St., Akron, OH
Doors open: 10 – 5pm.

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Sat. & Sun, January 15 & 16, 2011
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Doors open: 1/16/11 from 4-8pm
1/15/11 from 10 – 5pm.

Fashion Shows on Sunday:  11:00am, 12:30pm, 2:00pm & 3:30pm, American Commodore Tuxedo Dancers, latest fashions in Bridal gowns, Veils, Mother-of dresses, Bridesmaids dresses and more!

Over 200 Wedding Professionals to help you plan your BIG day!  Henri’s Discount Gown Showroom, Gallery of Reception Table Ideas, Gallery of Wedding Cakes, Portrait Gallery, Prizes, Discounts, and so much more!  Each attending bride will receive a current copy Today’s Bride Magazine (while supplies last)
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Buying Guide for the Mother of the Bride

Sansappelle 2342

Today’s moms have learned to be equally stylish and trendy like their daughters. When it is the occasion of their daughter’s wedding, they naturally need to select the best pair of outfits in order to look as well as feel glamorous. A mother who is going to marry off her daughter has to handle lots of responsibilities. At the same time, she also needs to select the perfect attire for herself. The best suggestion is to start early so as not to worry as the big day approaches nearer. This is because it is quite a difficult task to select the perfect dress for the mom as no mother would like to steal the limelight from their daughters on that day but would want to look good.

Brides will always expect their mothers to represent them in a wonderful manner on their wedding day. A look at the bridal magazines can give a fair idea about the kind of dresses perfect for the bride’s mother on the wedding day of their daughters. The magazines will also help to know the latest in fashion. It is always a good idea to take a suggestion from the brides.
Apart from this, the brides can suggest dresses and their style and color for their moms. If a suggestion is taken it will not be found that both of them are wearing the same kind of outfit on the same day.  

Tips for buying Mother Of The Bride Dresses & Outfits

Moms of brides should go for outfits which make them look both stylish as well as comfortable. These dresses should also complement the color scheme of the wedding. At the same time, it should not clash with the wedding gown or the dresses of the bridesmaid. To achieve all these things it is necessary to start the planning from before.

Different kinds of dresses are available for the mother of the bride which can compliment her full figure beautifully. Since most of the dresses are made with good quality materials, mothers now would not have to worry about wearing an uncomfortable but stylish dress on that special day. Dresses now look both stylish as well as comfortable.

It is also important to take the time and the venue of the wedding in consideration in order to make the selection. The time of the day will decide the kind of fabric that one chooses, the length of the dress, the color and many more things.

There are several bridal boutiques as well as departmental stores which deal with the outfits of the bride’s mother. Some online stores also deal with these kinds of outfits.

Some dresses can also be mixed and matched to change the look as well as the formality of the dress through different fabrics.

The outfit chosen should help the mothers to relax and breathe a sigh of relief. Whatever outfit is selected, it should be able to reflect the style and figure of the bride’s mother. They can now enjoy the occasion in great style.

For a list of Greater Cleveland and Akron/Canton area bridal stores specializing in Mother-of attire, visit our website http://www.todaysbrideonline.com/topics/motherof.phtml

Photos courtesy of Peneventures

Top 7 Wedding Hairstyles For 2010

The crowning glory of every woman is their hair. The styles, embellishments and length all play an important role when it is time to do her wedding hairstyle. This year, the hairstyles that top the charts are classic yet modern, simply to accommodate the ever-changing trend each year. And a bride will do everything to get a great and glamorous hairdo on her special day not just to wow her groom but also to feel confident.

For the year 2010, many women are growing their hair long and applying various hairstyles to fit their tastes. Same goes for many would-be brides because most of them find it easier to style longer hair than short hair.

So for this year, here are the top 7 wedding hairstyles that you can choose from to show-off your crowning glory:

(1) Curly wedding hairstyle
There are a variety of curly hairstyles that can be done to the bride’s hair. Whether it is long, up to half of her back, or short just above her shoulders, she can have curly hairstyle that can fit her hair’s length. For longer hair, bigger and more curls can be made compared to shorter hair.

Head pieces such as headbands, feather clips, pearls and flowers can accentuate the overall style. Most often, a curly hairstyle is loose instead of tied in a ponytail. So check the best style for your hair and choose the best accessories that can add glamour.

(2) Up do for long hair
As mentioned earlier, many women are preparing their hair for the much awaited event of their lives. If you are one of them, by now your locks are longer and ready for hairstyling. One of the trends for up dos is applying bouffant to volumize the hair at the back. Another is if you have bangs, you can have a clean bouffant and bangs at the same time. This will depend if your hairstylist will want to use both, so it’s important that the style will fit your overall look.

(3) Semi up do for long hair
Some brides love the semi up do with bouffant. This has become a trend in the recent years as many women still want the length of their hair flowing freely for a dramatic look. The free-flowing hair can either be curled or just left straight.

(4) Ponytail
Some brides prefer simple and yet elegant hairstyles such as the ponytail. You can tell your hairstylist to accentuate the ponytail with flowers or gorgeous hair clips. The loose hair can be curled or straight, whichever will suit your overall look.

Other brides add bouffant with ponytail, while some just prefer the simpler version of a clean and combed ponytail. Other brides with bangs can apply either the simple or with neat bouffant for more hair volume.

(5) Side ponytail
Here’s a version of the regular ponytail that some brides are opting for. A regular ponytail can be more dramatic and stylish when tied on one side and accentuated with a barrette, flowers or other hair accessories. This can be applied to long hair as well as to shoulder-length hair. The idea is to add some style and accents to further beautify the hairstyle.

(6) Short and sweet hairstyle
Who says short hair cannot be styled on her wedding day? Short hair can be curled and styled according to the cut of the hair. If it is too short, it is best to use hair accents such as hair clips, small flowers and accessories to add a touch of elegance.

(7) Avante garde wedding hairstyle
There are some brides who prefer non-traditional hairstyles for their weddings. The avante garde style for brides may have some touch of tradition and yet they are uniquely different. The contrast could be from the hair color to the choice of headpieces or to overall look of the hair.

This is a daring hairstyle and not every woman can pull it off. There were some female celebrities who opted for avante garde hairstyles during their weddings, and it takes enough confidence a good hairstylist in order for this hairstyle to bring out the best in you.

Choosing the best hairstyle for your wedding day may be stressful, but it shouldn’t be. It is advisable that you talk to your hairstylist so you can try various styles and see what will make you more gorgeous. And remember that it’s not always dependent on the length of your hair, but how the style will fit you and how it can make you prettier on your special day.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Harrison_Fray

Wedding Dress Style Guide

When shopping for your wedding dress, you should first consider which gown style you prefer. When selecting your wedding dress style, consider the silhouette, sleeves, neckline, bodice and train. Following is guide to the basic terminology of popular wedding gown styles.

The Silhouette

  • A-line – The A-line or princess dress has no marked waist and the vertical seams flow from the shoulders down to a flared skirt, creating a “A” shape.
  • Ball Gowns – These gowns normally quite formal, reminding you of Cinderella. The bodice is fitted with a very full skirt.
  • Empire – Empire gowns have a raised waistline that starts right under the bust, flowing to a slim (but not body-hugging) skirt.
  • Mermaid – As the name indicates, the mermaid dress is contoured against the body then the gown flows out beginning around the knees. This is the sexiest of the styles.
  • Sheath – The sheath or column dress has a slim shape that follows close to the line of the body. The straight design is form-fitting and doesn’t allow for many body flaws.
Lavender Bridal, Mia Solano
Belle Noche, Maggie Sottero
Ball Gowns
Henri's Cloud Nine, Pronovias
Doreen Leaf Designs, House of Wu
Belle Noche, Maggie Sottero

The Sleeves

  • 3/4 sleeves – end between the elbow and wrist.
  • Bell – long sleeves, flare out toward the wrist creating a bell shape.
  • Cap – rounded sleeves, just covering shoulders.
  • Fitted point – long, fitted sleeves that come to a point over the hand.
  • Juliet – long, fitted sleeves with puffy shoulders.
  • Long sleeves – long sleeves that are normally form-fitting.
  • Off-the-shoulder Sleeves – cover the upper part of the arm but leave the tops of shoulders exposed.
  • Poet – long sleeves, fitted to the elbow then flared.
  • Pouf – short sleeves, gathered to create a poufy look.
  • Short sleeves – about the length of T-shirt sleeves.
  • Sleeveless – strapless with no sleeves.
  • Spaghetti straps – thin spaghetti straps with no sleeves.

The Neckline

  • Bateau – close to straight across from the tip of the shoulder. Gives plenty of coverage.
  • Halter – wraps around the back of the neck to create deep armholes. Often also a backless style, which is very sexy.
  • High – covers most of the neck. Creates a formal, somewhat stiff look.
  • Jewel – similar to that of a T-shirt. Creates a bustier look.
  • Off-The-Shoulder – as the name indicates, the top of the shoulders are bare. Showcases your collarbone and shoulders.
  • Portrait – a very wide scoop from the tip of one shoulder to the tip of the other.
  • Scoop – classic U-shaped neckline. Can be cut low for a more sexy look.
  • Square – squared neckline, often associated with empire gowns.
  • Strapless – normally straight across. Not recommended for women with small busts.
  • Sweetheart – shaped like the top half of a heart. Emphasizes the cleavage.
  • V-Neck – dips in the front into a V-shape. Can be very deep.
Dora's Bridal, Christina Wu
Coming attractions, Allure
Amanda's Bridal, Mia Solano
David's Bridal

The Bodice
The bodice refers to the portion of the dress between the neckline and skirt.

  • Corset – a form fitting bodice with boning and lace-up closures.
  • Halter – sleeveless bodice that wraps around you neck, normally backless.
  • Midriff – fits very closely around the mid-section, accentuating your waist.
  • Surplice – sections of fabric cross wrap in the front or back.
  • Tank – sleeveless with wide armholes like tank top.
Doreen Leaf Designs, House of Wu
David's Bridal
Henri's Cloud Nine, Pronovias
Dora's Bridal, Christina Wu
David's Bridal

The Train

  • Sweep – 8″ to 12″ in length, just a few inches longer than the gown.
  • Court – extends about 3 feet from the waist.
  • Chapel – extends about 4 feet from the waist.
  • Cathedral – extends about 6 to 9 feet from the waist.
  • Royal – extends more than 9 feet from the waist.

The Veil

  • Birdcage – falls right below the chin, usually attached to a headpiece.
  • Flyaway – ends at the shoulder.
  • Blusher – worn over your face, about 28″ long.
  • Elbow Length – ends at the elbow or waist.
  • Fingertip – ends at the finger tips or just below the waist.
  • Ballet – ends at the ankles.
  • Chapel – ends slightly longer than dress length.
  • Cathedral – 9 feet or longer.

Article By Yours Truly http://www.articlesbase.com

Start looking for your wedding gown by searching on Today’s Bride Bridal Attire page. You will find great local bridal boutiques that can help you find your perfect wedding dress.

Bridal Fabrics: From Batiste to Velvet

By Never the Bride as posted on Manolobrides.com

Wedding dresses are crafted in a variety of fabrics and fabric finishes, with everything from cotton to taffeta being fair game. Yet the last thing most brides-to-be are thinking about when they step into a bridal salon or log on to an online shop like House of Brides is fabric characteristics. Luckily, wedding dress designers and manufacturers make it easy for us all, pairing certain fabrics with certain styles to ensure that everything drapes and flows and rustles like it ought to.

Dress by Mori Lee

Still, a little knowledge goes a long way when you’re searching for the perfect wedding dress! For example, knowing the difference between a fiber and a finish will ensure that you don’t unintentionally buy a wedding dress made of synthetic fabric when you have your heart set on natural fibers. The finish is what cloth looks and feels like once it’s woven – for example, taffeta can be made of silk or polyester, and it’s worth it to know which one you’re buying.

With that in mind, here is a short bridal fabric glossary that includes the fibers and finishes you’re most likely to encounter when shopping for your wedding dress and bridesmaids’ dresses.

Made of cotton, wool, or polyester, this lightweight fabric is thin and opaque, but not nearly as transparent as organdy.

A lightweight fabric with a satin weave that is softer and clingier than satin and less voluminous than silk finishes. Charmeuse, which is lustrous on one side and dull on the other, can be made with silk, polyester, or rayon. This is a slinky, slippery fabric.

Read more here:  http://manolobrides.com/2009/12/28/bridal-fabrics-from-batiste-to-velvet/

Dress by Mori Lee, Style 2217
Luxe Taffeta and Satin embroidery, sweetheart strapless gown with embroidery and cinched, Satin waist detail.  Beading tucked into the skirt pickups that continue onto the chapel length train.