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Today’s Bride Announces 2010-2011 Bridal Show Schedule

Sun, Oct 17, 2010
Embassy Suites, Independence
5800 Rockside Woods Blvd., Independence, OH
Doors Open:  10am – 4pm
Fashion Shows: 11:30am, 1:00pm, & 2:30pm

Sun, Oct. 24, 2010
Sheraton Suites
1989 Front Street, Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Doors open: 10 – 4pm.
Fashion Shows: 11:30am, 1:00pm, & 2:30pm

Each event has OVER 80 Exhibitors, Henri’s Discount Gown Showroom, Battle of the Grooms, Make-Over Bride, Prizes, Discounts, and Giveaways!  Each attending bride will receive a current copy Today’s Bride Magazine (while supplies last)
$10 Admission.  Purchase Tickets online at http://www.todaysbride.com at 50% off!

Sun, January 9, 2011
John S. Knight Center, Akron, OH
77 E. Mill St., Akron, OH
Doors open: 10 – 5pm.

Fashion Shows: 11:00am, 12:30pm, 2:00pm & 3:30pm, American Commodore Tuxedo Dancers, latest fashions in Bridal gowns, Veils, Mother-of dresses, Bridesmaids dresses and more!

Over 150 Wedding Professionals to help you plan your BIG day!  Henri’s Discount Gown Showroom, Gallery of Reception Table Ideas, Gallery of Wedding Cakes, Portrait Gallery, Prizes, Discounts, and so much more!  Each attending bride will receive a current copy Today’s Bride Magazine (while supplies last).
$10 admission.  Purchase tickets at 50% off by registering at www.todaysbride.com

Sat. & Sun, January 15 & 16, 2011
I-X Center, Cleveland, OH
One I-X Center Dr., Cleveland, OH
Doors open: 1/16/11 from 4-8pm
1/15/11 from 10 – 5pm.

Fashion Shows on Sunday:  11:00am, 12:30pm, 2:00pm & 3:30pm, American Commodore Tuxedo Dancers, latest fashions in Bridal gowns, Veils, Mother-of dresses, Bridesmaids dresses and more!

Over 200 Wedding Professionals to help you plan your BIG day!  Henri’s Discount Gown Showroom, Gallery of Reception Table Ideas, Gallery of Wedding Cakes, Portrait Gallery, Prizes, Discounts, and so much more!  Each attending bride will receive a current copy Today’s Bride Magazine (while supplies last)
$8 parking, $10 Admission. Purchase Tickets at 50% off online at www.todaysbride.com.

Brides-to-be…What to do After the Bridal Show

Ok, so you went to the bridal show and talked to a lot of people, picked up a lot of literature, saw great fashions shows with the latest in wedding and bridesmaid gown design, awesome wedding cake ideas and so much that you are getting dizzy.  Hold on!  We made it happen, we will help you through it!  Great organization, follow through and planning can turn piles of brochures into a well thought out and perfect wedding day. 

1) Dump & Categorize

Dump your bag out and separate the brochures by category; DJs, cake companies, photographers, bands/live music, flowers, reception halls, etc.  Once you’ve done that, take each pile and pull out the company, or companies,  you actually had the opportunity to talk to.  These will be the first people to review.  From that group, chose one to three companies from each category, paying attention to any coupon or show pricing deadlines, that made the biggest impression on you when you spoke, i.e. personality of the representative, overall look of their booth – samples, photos, etc – and any offers they presented.  These will be the first people you want to consider for your wedding.

2) Contact them

Now that you’ve narrowed it down, the next step is to contact them and set up an appointment to talk about what you’re looking for, what your budget is for that particular service, availability on your date, etc.  The one thing we do not recommend is just calling up a company and asking what they charge.  That doesn’t give you a true idea of what that company can offer you.  Here’s something to think about, just because a company may LOOK expensive, i.e. high quality ads, brochures, booth displays, etc. doesn’t mean they are expensive, that they aren’t willing to work within your budget.  You’d be surprised how many companies can offer you their best work and still won’t break the bank.  Give them a chance. 

3)Research what you need to ask

After you set the appointment, print out  a copy of our wedding
planner  http://www.todaysbrideonline.com/planning_tools.phtml.  It contains great information and just about every question you should ask.   You may want to check out their website too.  Many companies will list their services and possibly a price list.  But don’t let that be the end of your research.  A true measure of a company is not necessarily what they look like online or what their brochure look like, it’s the people and how they interact with you.  Which brings us to the next step…

3)Get to know them personally

While talking with the vendor, make sure everything they will do for you will be written in the contract and that every aspect is covered.  Yes, they know what they need to do, but you need to know too!  They do this for a living and it’s second nature to them.  What you might assume will be included, often times is not and could be an issue later on down the line.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions and don’t be afraid to ask for it in writing!

4)  Time to Make a Choice

You’ve “interviewed” your top choices. Now comes the hard part, choosing that one company that will make your day perfect.  Review all of the information you collected when you spoke.  Take into consideration the personality of the person you spoke to, the atmosphere of where you met, any testimonials or recommendations from others that have used their service, etc and the choice should be obvious.

5) File It Away

Once you have made your final decisions and booked your wedding professionals, don’t throw away your research!  File it away for a future use.  You never know when you’ll need the services of a company you talked to or received literature from but didn’t use. 

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life and the companies you choose to help you celebrate play a big role in making it perfect.  Follow your heart, after all, it brought you to this point and hasn’t been wrong yet.

January is Bridal Show Month!

January is a very busy month for bridal show producers, including Today’s Bride.  We are the largest Bridal Show producer in Northeast Ohio for over 20 years, bringing newly engaged couples hundreds of wedding professionals all in one place!  It’s one-stop-shopping for all your bridal needs.

This Sunday, January 17th will be our largest show of the season at the IX Center in Cleveland.  Over 200 wedding professionals will be on hand, from florists to teeth whitening, Bridal gowns in Henri’s gown showroom to photobooths that will add additional craziness and fun to your reception.  It’s all here!  Beautiful fashions shows highlighting this seasons most sought-after gowns will be at 11:00, 12:30, 2:00 & 3:30pm, brought to you by Henri’s Cloud Nine with fashions from Henri’s, Expressions Bridal, David’s Bridal, Dora’s Bridal & Formal and more!  For the Mother-of, beautiful gowns from Peneventures will also be featured.  Don’t forget to check out the American Commodore Tuxedo dancers showing off the latest in formal attire for the groom too!  They are sure to rock the show!

Doors will be open from 10am to 5pm.  Admission at the door is $10 but you can get a $3 off coupon or buy tickets online for 50% off by pre-registering at www.todaysbride.com.  Parking is $8.

To help you prepare for the show, check out our bridal survival guid by clicking here.  Come to the show excited and prepared!

Marrying finances – for the second time

Getting hitched again? These strategies can help ensure that money doesn’t come between you and your new spouse.

By Karen Cheney, Money Magazine contributing writer
October 30, 2009: 4:26 AM ET
(MONEY Magazine) — When Kimerby and Tony Simmons were married last month at a vineyard in the foothills outside Atlanta, they participated in the African-American tradition of jumping over a broom – an act symbolizing their entrance into a new phase of life together.

For Tony, 41, this was the second time making such a leap, his previous marriage having ended in divorce. That breakup “put a big dent in my finances,” says the software sales executive. “I thought there was no way I was getting into another relationship.”

But then, on a flight from Chicago to Atlanta, he met Kimberly. And, soon, he fell in love. “It was the flight that changed our lives,” says Kimberly, 39, for whom this is a first marriage.

As they enter this new phase, the Simmonses will face hurdles bigger than that broom, particularly when it comes to their money. Tony enters the union with slightly less in assets than his new wife but far greater financial obligations: With three kids from his first marriage – ages 8, 16, and 21 – he has child support, alimony, and future college bills to pay.

To continue reading this article from CNN/Money, click here

How to Choose a Wedding Dress for a Second Marriage

andrewjohns_weddingWhen you get married the second time, it’s a brand new beginning. However, many second-time brides find themselves wondering how to choose a wedding dress for a second marriage. Sure, your great-aunt Betty may have some silly idea that you can’t wear white or you have to do things a certain way, but this is your wedding.

Step 1
Choose a style that is age appropriate. The low-cut, off-the-shoulder gown you wanted in your 20s may not be the appropriate choice at this point in your life. So, choose a wedding dress that will be age appropriate for your second marriage.
Step 2
Forget what people say and choose any color you want. Some people have the idea that you can’t wear white when getting married for the second time, but this is actually acceptable. Of course you have more options than just white. You can choose from ecru, ivory and pastels for your wedding. You can wear just about any color you choose as long as you like it.
Step 3
Keep in mind the wedding setting. When you’re choosing your wedding dress, make sure it is appropriate for the setting. If you are having a formal setting for your second marriage, then go with a formal gown. However, if the setting will be more laid back, such as on a beach, then something that is informal is perfectly fine for your wedding dress.
Step 4
Forgo the blusher. Usually the blusher is for first-time brides. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have some great accessories to highlight your face and hair, though. Consider a beautiful hat, tiara or hair jewelry that will accentuate the beauty and glow on your face.

Step 5
Don’t forget your unique personality. You want to choose a dress that will show off your own personality. Find a dress that suits you and your outlook on life, and you’ll look and feel great in your wedding dress on the big day.

Step 6
Find a dress that flatters your body. You want to look and feel great on your big day. This means you want a dress that hides your flaws and highlights your best features. Take some time to try on various dresses and find the one that looks the best on you. If you are not sure of yourself, take along a friend to help you figure out which wedding dress really looks the best.

What to get the bride and groom for I Do’ number two

WeddingDress-main_FullBy PAULA KASHTAN – WeddingChannel.com 
Your friend just announced she’s getting married – again. Now, the tricky part: What should you do about the gift? Serving platters, place settings, and kitchen appliances don’t seem as useful when it’s the second time around.

Whether it’s the number-two “I do” for the bride, the groom, or both, a second-time couple probably doesn’t need many of the traditional registry items.

After years of independent living, the issue is more likely to be too much stuff rather than a lack of basic household gear. In fact, many couples don’t even fill out registries for their second weddings. Even if there’s no formal registry, though, it’s natural to want to celebrate their big day with some kind of gift. Ditch your old ideas about wedding presents and go for something that truly reflects the couple’s unique style and interests. Get started with these fun ideas.

Activity Starter
If the couple has enough stuff, give a gift that lets them spend time together. Consider a gift certificate for dancing or cooking lessons, museum memberships, a day out on a sailboat, or dinner at a fancy restaurant. Maybe you’ll help them find a new passion!

Hot Tickets
Look for single-performance or season tickets. Maybe there’s an upcoming concert or opera the couple will love. Tickets to a play, musical, or the ballet will thrill culture-seekers. For a sportier pair, check out upcoming professional, minor league, or college athletic events in your area.

Modern Home
Even if the couple’s kitchen is already fully stocked, they may be missing an espresso machine, indoor grill, or martini shaker set. Since they already have the basics, you can have fun buying them cool new gadgets and appliances.

Family Plan
If the bride, groom, or both have children from a previous marriage, look for a gift that the whole family can enjoy together. A dinner cruise, tickets to a sporting event, an evening at the theater, or day lift tickets for a nearby ski resort are all great options.

Weekend Away
Since many couples skip honeymoons with their second spouse, surprise this pair with a weekend at a nearby resort or bed and breakfast. Day spas are also an excellent way for the couple to spend a few hours relaxing together after the hectic months of wedding planning.

A Charitable Gift
For the couple who really has everything, the best gift is one that lets them do the giving. Make a donation to their favorite cause in their name, or give a gift certificate to Global Giving (GlobalGiving.com) and let them pick the charity. If you’d like something more specific, try a site like Changing the Present (ChangingthePresent.org), where you can choose to give clean well water to a community in a developing country, sponsor half an hour of breast cancer research, and hundreds of other small projects in honor of the couple.

Household Help
If the couple will be living together for the first time after the wedding, get them something that celebrates their new home. Sure, they’ve got basic dishware and furniture, but do they have a hammock built for two? Or, if they’re renovating to accommodate their new life together, try a gift certificate to a home supply store.

Personalized Presents
Honor the bride and groom’s new life together with a one-of-a-kind customized gift. Whether it’s something useful (new address labels or a doormat with both their names) or just for fun (a case of Jones Soda with their photos or a customized game of Monopoly), the couple will love the thoughtful celebration of their new partnership.

Monthly Reminders
Give the bride and groom something they can enjoy together for an entire year with some sort of monthly club. Who wouldn’t love a new type of chocolate, wine, or fruit delivered to their door every four weeks? If the couple isn’t the foodie type, consider a fresh flower club. Or, for a pair that loves to read, invest in subscriptions to a few of their favorite magazines.