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How To Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet For A Lifetime

When you imagine your wedding bouquet sailing through the air as you toss it toward eagerly waving hands, how do you see it?

Floral arrangment by Flowerama

Flowers by Flowerama

There are thousands of different types of bouquets, each one stunning and unique. There are a lot of choices to make when it comes to creating the wedding bouquets, the flowers and accents play a big part, but also if they will have long or short stems, how the bouquet will be wired together or if it will be placed in a holder. Every little detail is thought of by the florist and needs your approval.

The whole point of a bridal bouquet is to accentuate the wedding gown. You do not want the bunch of flowers to take focus away from the dress. If you have a Victorian style dress or one that is on the petite side, a small elegant short-stemmed one tied with a ribbon will accent the gown and bring it all together.

If your wedding gown is elaborately made out of layers of satin and lace with a long train, you may want to choose a wedding bouquet of larger flowers known as cascade style. The petals of the flowers are tear shaped and flow downward toward the gown.

You should also consider the brides body frame when choosing a wedding bouquet. There are certain types that do not compliment certain body types.

Timeless Moments Flower Preservation

Most brides want to preserve their wedding flowers. There are several ways that you can do this. Air drying and pressing the bunch is the oldest used method of preservation today. When you use these methods, your flowers will not look fresh; they will lose their color and finally wither away. This will also happen if you use dry silica gel.

The best way to preserve the flowers is to freeze dry it. This not only preserves the colors, but also helps it hold its shape. This method needs to be done by a professional, but your bouquet will last a lifetime.

When considering preservation of your wedding flowers, remember to avoid putting in certain flowers like some orchids to make the flowers stay as fresh looking as possible.

The most important part of choosing a wedding bouquet is the final arrangement. You can go with the traditional one or an unconventional one-of-a-kind work of art.  It is your decision. Those who have a wild side have often chosen the unconventional! Just remember, your bouquet will be in your wedding photos forever, so choose correctly.

For more information on preserving your bridal bouquet, visit Timeless Moments Flower Preservation in the Greater Cleveland/Akron/Canton area.

Visit our list of area florists here.  Each one is looking forward to speaking with you about your ideas!

Source: Brooke Hayles,  Free Articles

Pull Off the Perfect Outdoor Spring Wedding

It’s spring … the tulips are blooming, the temperatures are rising ‚ÄĒ what a perfect time for a wedding!

For most of us, spring means the start of new life. Flowers bloom, and the earth wakes up from a long hibernation. If you live in a warmish climate, the perfect place for your spring wedding might be outdoors in a garden that’s bursting with fresh flowers.

As the weather begins to heat up and gardens start to bloom, many brides find the perfect setting for their special day among the greenery and budding flowers. There are so many ways to set off an outdoor wedding in springtime! Here are a few, with an eye towards elegance:

Make use of formal props such as candelabras and urns, and drape containers and tables with vintage linens and lace. Arbors look their best when decorated with simpler, unfussy garden materials ‚ÄĒ as opposed to over-the-top heaps of greens and garlands, a heavy look that’s less popular now.

Try clean-looking centerpieces with one consistent bloom. For example, pots filled with tulips or urns holding only anemones are really making the scene for spring. Color
Vibrant color is hot! Try cool greens mixed with eye-popping hues like coral or hot pink. Garden herbs also look (and smell) wonderful for weddings in spring. Try potting combinations of rosemary, thyme, and other herbs for green centerpieces that also make great take-home gifts.

Many spring brides are choosing bouquets filled with color ‚Äď structurally simple, but daring! Brides are calling for stunning bouquet made up of tulips, or anemones: a Dutch flower with dark black centers, and vibrant petals of red, purple, or fuchsia. Lilacs or nosegays filled with sweet peas, miniature grape hyacinths, and ranunculus are popular, too.

Shabby Chic
A big trend right now is to mix and match contemporary with vintage ‚Äď in other words, pure Shabby Chic. Dried lavender bound with dried grasses and tied to the pews lends a uniquely pleasing Shabby Chic feel. Dress windowsills with wreaths and candles in colored mason jars. Later on, reuse these same decorations to brighten up the reception tables.

Spring Wedding Gowns
Wedding gowns with a touch of color are in! Try a dress with sophisticated tan, beige or pink overtones ‚ÄĒ champagne tones are especially popular.
Nostalgia rears its head here as well ‚ÄĒ many brides are choosing gowns reminiscent of the 40s, 50s or 60s, while others are opting to wear the gown their mother or grandmother wore (either literally the same ‚ÄĒ or a loving copy).

Outdoor Candles
Candles lend a soft and romantic aura to any event. But to make the most of them, marry a bit later in the day, or have the reception run into the evening and light your candles then. To add a touch of spring to your candles, wrap bright satin ribbons around clear votive cups. (Multiple layers and colors lend an especially contemporary look.) These can double as guest wedding favors.

Don’t Forget the Backup Plan
Spring weather can be unpredictable. Have your Plan B worked out in case of rain, fog or strong winds. Look for a nearby elegant indoor hall nearby to serve as a backup. Alternatively, line up an event tent for the morning of the wedding, just in case (guests enjoy tents even in perfect weather, too ‚ÄĒ they help soften the sun’s strong rays). Having a backup plan for any outdoor wedding, anytime of the year, is a wise move.

A wedding in spring can be romantic, elegant, and fun! Knowing what you want ‚ÄĒ and lining up great planning and event staff ‚ÄĒ are the keys to a successful spring wedding.

Written by Michelle O’Connor www.favorideas.com

Brides-to-be…What to do After the Bridal Show

Ok, so you went to the bridal show and talked to a lot of people, picked up a lot of literature, saw great fashions shows with the latest in wedding and bridesmaid gown design, awesome wedding cake ideas and so much that you are getting dizzy.  Hold on!  We made it happen, we will help you through it!  Great organization, follow through and planning can turn piles of brochures into a well thought out and perfect wedding day. 

1) Dump & Categorize

Dump your bag out and separate the brochures by category; DJs, cake companies, photographers, bands/live music, flowers, reception halls, etc.¬† Once you’ve done that, take each pile and pull out the company, or companies, ¬†you actually had the opportunity¬†to talk to.¬† These will be the first people to review.¬† From that group, chose one to three¬†companies from each¬†category, paying attention to any coupon or show pricing deadlines,¬†that made the biggest impression on you when you spoke, i.e. personality of the representative, overall look of their booth – samples, photos, etc – and any offers they presented.¬† These will be the¬†first people you want to consider for your wedding.

2) Contact them

Now that you’ve narrowed it down, the next step is to contact them and set up an appointment to talk about what you’re looking for, what your budget is¬†for that particular service, availability on your date, etc.¬† The one thing we¬†do not¬†recommend¬†is just calling up a company and asking what they charge.¬† That doesn’t give you a true idea of what that company can offer you.¬† Here’s something to think about, just because a company may LOOK expensive, i.e. high quality ads, brochures, booth displays, etc. doesn’t mean they are expensive, that they aren’t willing to work within your budget.¬† You’d be surprised how many companies can offer you their best work and still won’t break the bank.¬† Give them a chance.¬†

3)Research what you need to ask

After you set the appointment, print out  a copy of our wedding
planner¬†¬†http://www.todaysbrideonline.com/planning_tools.phtml. ¬†It contains great information and just about every question you should ask.¬†¬† You may want to check out their website too.¬† Many companies will list their services and possibly a price list.¬† But don’t let that be the end¬†of your research.¬†¬†A true measure of a company is not necessarily what they look like online or¬†what their brochure look like, it’s the people and how they interact with you.¬† Which brings us to the next step…

3)Get to know them personally

While talking with the vendor, make sure everything they will do for you will be written¬†in the contract and that every aspect is covered.¬† Yes, they know what they need to do, but you need to know too!¬† They do this for a living and it’s second¬†nature to them.¬† What you might assume will be included, often times is not and could be an issue later on down the line.¬† Don’t be afraid to ask questions and don’t be afraid to¬†ask for it in writing!

4)  Time to Make a Choice

You’ve “interviewed” your top choices. Now comes the hard part, choosing that one company that will make your day perfect.¬† Review all of the¬†information you collected when you spoke.¬† Take into consideration the personality of¬†the person you spoke to, the atmosphere of where you met, any testimonials or recommendations from others that have used their service, etc and the choice should be obvious.

5) File It Away

Once you have made your final decisions and booked your wedding professionals, don’t throw away your research!¬† File it away for a future use.¬† You never know when you’ll need the services of a company you talked to or received literature from¬†but didn’t use.¬†

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life and the companies you choose to help you celebrate play a big role in making it perfect.¬† Follow your heart, after all, it brought you to this point and hasn’t been wrong yet.

January is Bridal Show Month!

January is a very busy month for bridal show producers, including Today’s Bride.¬† We are the largest Bridal Show producer in Northeast Ohio for over 20 years, bringing newly engaged couples hundreds of wedding professionals¬†all in one place!¬† It’s one-stop-shopping for all your bridal needs.

This Sunday, January 17th will be our largest show of the season at the IX Center in Cleveland.¬† Over 200 wedding professionals will be on hand, from florists to teeth whitening, Bridal gowns in Henri’s gown showroom to photobooths¬†that will add¬†additional craziness and fun to your reception.¬† It’s all here!¬† Beautiful fashions shows highlighting this seasons most sought-after gowns will be at 11:00, 12:30, 2:00 & 3:30pm, brought to you by Henri’s Cloud Nine with fashions from Henri’s, Expressions Bridal, David’s Bridal, Dora’s Bridal & Formal and more!¬†¬†For the Mother-of, beautiful gowns from Peneventures will also be featured.¬† Don’t forget to check out the American Commodore Tuxedo dancers showing off the latest in formal attire for the groom too!¬† They are sure to rock the show!

Doors will be open from 10am to 5pm.  Admission at the door is $10 but you can get a $3 off coupon or buy tickets online for 50% off by pre-registering at www.todaysbride.com.  Parking is $8.

To help you prepare for the show, check out our bridal survival guid by clicking here.  Come to the show excited and prepared!

Wedding Decor for Today’s Bride

When thinking about wedding reception decoration ideas, most couples usually focus too much about choosing the right flowers and the centerpiece then forgetting about everything else. This is absolutely wrong. If you want a perfect wedding, you should know that although flowers and the centerpieces are indeed significant, there are other things that your wedding reception decoration ideas should focus on and solve to create a visually pleasing affair.

1. Candles ‚Äď This old-fashioned source of light is not only beautiful to look at but it can also create an exceptionally romantic atmosphere especially at night. Wedding reception decoration ideas concerning candles should consider factors like height, width, color, and aroma. If you’ve got extra money to spare, you should also consider buying candles that give off a special scent to make your wedding smell as beautiful as it looks.

2. Lighting ‚Äď Wedding reception decoration ideas should consider the lighting of the venue. If possible, use various kinds of lights to create the proper atmosphere. For cocktails or the entrance of bride and groom, it’s important to allow your guests to see everything and everyone in all its glory. Make sure that the lights can be dimmed, however, when it’s time for couples to dance.

3. Chair Decor ‚Äď Wedding reception decoration ideas must also focus not just making the seats for the guests comfortable but pretty to look at as well. High-backed chairs are for more formal occasions. Chairs with padded seats are more comfortable but they’re more expensive to rent and heavier to move around. Make sure that you use chairs which can accommodate all sizes if you don’t want to cause discomfort to any of your guests.

4. Statues and Sculptures ‚Äď Your wedding would be boring to look at if there’s nothing to please the roaming eyes of your guests. Wedding reception decoration ideas should also focus on placing strategically located decorations in the venue to give people something to look at AND serve as an excellent backdrop for picture-taking.

5. Napkins and Cutlery ‚Äď Even the cutlery and napkin you’ll use for the wedding should be taken care of. Wedding reception decoration ideas regarding this matter should focus on the color and style of your dining ware but be sure to use only what you can afford to buy…or rent.

For more information on wedding decor, contact some of our local vendors for more great ideas at http://www.todaysbrideonline.com/topics/decorations_linens_rentals.phtml and http://www.todaysbrideonline.com/topics/ice_lighting.phtml.

Photos courtesy of L’Nique & Z Media

What Do Wedding Flowers Really Mean?

lillyofthevalleySince the earliest days, flowers have played a role in wedding ceremonies and receptions all over the world Рas beautiful decorations, adornments for the bride and perhaps most important, as symbols of the values held by the couple. Many know that red roses signify passionate love, but did you know that Bells of Ireland represent luck and freesia symbolises innocence? By incorporating flowers into your bouquet, hair, boutonnière, corsages or decorations, you can bring even more meaning and personalisation into the detail of your wedding. This special guide explains the meaning behind these beautiful buds to help today’s bride understand the language of flowers.

Love Notes
Ultimately, the wedding day is a special moment that recognizes the deep feelings between a bride and the groom. For an event that’s all about love, it makes perfect sense to include some of the flowers that represent this warm feeling in a bouquet, boutonnière or décor:

  • Forget-Me-Not: True love
  • Morning Glory: Affection
  • Myrtle: Matrimonial love
  • Pansy: Loving thoughts
  • Roses (red): Passionate love
  • Roses (white): Unity
  • Tulip: Love / Lovers

Petals for a Happy Life
New couples have many hopes and dreams for their life together ‚Äď happiness, health and success to name a few. Some types of flowers represent these pleasant aspects of a happily married life. Consider adding these flowers to your wedding bouquet, the groom‚Äôs boutonni√®re or centerpieces as tokens of the aspirations and wishes for your relationship:

  • Alstroemeria: Wealth and prosperity
  • Bells Of Ireland: Good luck
  • Bluebell: Everlasting love
  • Hollyhock: Fertility
  • Iris: Health
  • Lavender: Devotion
  • Lily of the Valley: Happiness
  • Stephanotis: Marital joy
  • Violet: Faithfulness

Wholesome Virtues
Let’s face it, the wedding day is totally focused on the bride. It’s often a reflection of her personality and an expression of her hopes. The flowers in her and her bridesmaids’ bouquets are usually very personal to her as well. A bride who’s known for specific merits (perhaps the very aspects of her personality that made the groom fall in love with her!) may be inclined to find floral representations of these characteristics:

  • Freesia: Innocence
  • Jasmine: Grace
  • Lilac: Humility
  • Magnolia: Perseverance
  • Orchid: Rare beauty
  • Snowdrop: Hope
  • Water Lily: Purity

Honouring Those Who Have Passed Away
Including a favourite flower of a family member or friend who is no longer with you in your bouquet is a touching way to remember them. However, if you don’t know what their signature flower was or if it’s out of season, there are several floral options that can be used as meaningful gestures to memorialise and pay tribute to those who can only attend your wedding in spirit:

  • Carnation (pink): Not forgotten
  • Poppy: Remembrance
  • Rosemary: Remembrance
  • Sweet Pea: Tender memory
  • Weeping Willow: Mourning
  • Zinnia: Thoughts of absent friends

Flowers You May Want To Avoid
Some flowers, while pretty, don‚Äôt always symbolize the most appropriate feelings for a wedding. Of course, if you love these flowers, use them ‚Äď but if you‚Äôre giving a lot of thought to what your floral choices mean, you might want to rethink these varieties for your wedding day:

  • Anemone: A dying hope for love
  • Carnation (yellow): Disappointment and rejection
  • Chrysanthemum (yellow): Jilted love
  • Cyclamen: Farewell
  • Foxglove: Insincerity
  • Hydrangea: Vanity
  • Larkspur: Fickleness
  • Marigold: Grief and jealousy
  • Peony: Shame
  • Tulip (yellow): Hopeless love

Discovering the secret language of flowers and incorporating their messages into your wedding is just one of several ways a detailed bride can personalise and bring meaning to her special day. With a little guidance, your florist should be able to provide you with floral options that are both visually stunning and expressive of the values you cherish.

An Elegant Halloween Wedding Theme

halloween-weddingWedding Party Attire

  • Bride:
    A slim fitting dress in the Mortica (Addams Family) style would work nicely. You may also choose to have your gown choice died black or red. Add a black cape with red lining, black veil and long, sleek black gloves.
  • Bridesmaids:
    Slim fitting black, red, or orange dresses with matching capes or sheer long scarves. Instead of a regular neckline, consider having a seamstress add a high, stiff collar to frame their faces. Use tiara’s in their hair or matching ribbons.

Groom and groomsmen:
Wear black tuxedos with red cummerbunds. Another option would be black shirts, black slacks and a red-lined black cape with high collar and black top hat with cane (old-fashioned Dracula style).

Suggested Halloween Wedding Bouquets
Carry blood red or black roses. If you’ve decided to use orange as a wedding color, you may wish to opt for orange colored flowers such as: Orange Hawkweed, Day Lily’s, Tiger Lily’s, Orange/Yellow Freesia’s, Orange Roses, Orange Poppy’s. Remember that you can often get a variety of flowers dipped or dyed to suit your wedding colors.

Halloween Wedding Centerpieces

  • Decorate hollowed out gourds or small pumpkins with black, red, orange and/or yellow flowers. Add a few props to the arrangement, such as small scarecrows, plastic pumpkins, small ghosts, gold stars or moon, etc.
  • You could also hollow out miniature pumpkins and insert a votive or pillar candle inside.
  • Create miniature tombstones from Styrofoam painted dark grey. Add a catchy epitaph and decorate the base with a miniature flower bouquet.
  • Orange and black pillar candles in varying heights placed on small round mirrors. Tie a coordinating ribbon bow around the base of the candle. Scatter a few fake leaves in autumn colors on the mirror.
  • Use wrought-iron style candelabras with taper candles.

Halloween Theme Wedding Decorations

  • Decorate doorways and the front of tables with black and orange, red or yellow crepe paper. Or drape with black netting and added contrasting bows where the netting is secured. You could also wrap your main tables in miniature twinkle lights under the tulle.
  • Get large dead branches (don’t cut live trees) and use as tree props. Add white, yellow or orange miniature twinkle lights to the branches. Secure in pots filled with sand and covered with shiny orange or black wrapping paper. Place around room.
  • As an extra added effect, hang strings of black lights around the bar area, rest rooms and doorways.
  • Make a large round moon from cardboard covered with shiny yellow foil paper and secure from the ceiling. Add a “flying witch” next to it. Create additional atmosphere with hanging bats and gold stars. If you could set this up near a wall that you’ve covered with black material, it would look awesome.
  • Place a coffin in one corner of the room (you can easily make one from large cardboard boxes and paint it black). Add Dracula to the coffin by stuffing a dark suit with a white shirt, adding a cape and placing a Dracula mask over a balloon. Then make a coffin for “Mrs. Dracula”. You could also make several tombstones from cardboard boxes, paint them in grey and/or black, add a funny epitaph and make a small graveyard.
  • Instead of your usual grinning jack-o-lantern, consider having pumpkins carved in unique designs. There are many patterns available and they would provide a unique touch to your wedding. Place the pumpkins throughout the room, but be sure if you are using candles that they are not near anything flammable and cannot easily be tipped over. Better yet, consider using a battery-powered light or one that can be plugged in nearby.
  • Cover the top of the tables in black or midnight blue tablecloths. Decorate these with gold sparkled fabric pens in the shapes of stars, suns and moons (use stencils that can be bought for stenciling walls with paint).
  • Place a large cauldron on the main serving table and add dry ice to create a smoke effect. (Do not use this to serve drinks from).

Creepy Entertainment For Your Wedding

  • Hire a fortuneteller to dress up as a gypsy and give short readings. You can opt to pay for this and come up with a set price for the evening or have guests pay for their own readings. Be sure they are kept short (5 to 10 minutes) and that the price reflects this.
  • Have the DJ play songs such as the Monster Mash, Ghostbusters, Thriller, and other suitable Halloween songs throughout the evening.

Halloween Wedding Party Favors

  • Use the traditional Halloween treat bags and fill with Halloween candy.
  • Give candles, such as novelty Halloween candles, orange/black votive candles in a clear holder, 2 tapered candles tied together with raffia ribbon. Spiff up the candles with small decorations such as plastic spiders, autumn leaves, gold moon and star stickers, etc.
  • Make homemade chocolates or iced sugar cookies in the shapes of ghosts, pumpkins, witches, sun, moon, stars, tombstones, etc. Package several together in cellophane or in Halloween decorated bags/boxes and tie with black and orange ribbon.
  • Fortune cookies make great favors. You can opt to use the fortunes found in pre-packaged fortune cookies or make your own cookies and fortunes, then insert them into the cookie.

You can find more ideas for Halloween wedding favors here.

Suggestions For Your Halloween Wedding GuestsInstead of requesting that your guests dress in costumes, consider asking them to find costumes and clothing that are more refined, but still related to Halloween. Basically, instead of dressing like the Wicked Witch of the West or some gruesome monster, they find one more fashionable and sleek.

For example, women could wear dresses in black with orange or yellow accessories, dress up like Morticia Addams or Elvira, be a sassy devil, an enchanting sorceress or a Victorian vampiress. Men could dress as Dracula, 1920’s gangster, Jack the Ripper, a medieval cleric or monk, an evil wizard or a werewolf dressed to go to a wedding. You get the idea. Keep it fun, but more in keeping with a wedding, rather than a typical Halloween party where anything goes. And remember to take lots of pictures and videos. This is one style of wedding that is sure to bring lots of laughter and fond memories over the years.

An Elegant Halloween Wedding Theme. © 2003-2007, Rose Smith.