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5 Hot Trends In Wedding Shoes For 2010

When making wedding preparations, brides usually give minimal attention to their wedding shoes. According to some people, shoes aren’t visible because they’re normally hidden inside the wedding dresses, whereas others say there is so much money spent on the wedding dresses that it becomes very difficult to spend on the shoes. This shouldn’t be the case. Your wedding shoes complement your wedding dress and therefore, should be given similar attention.

The trends for wedding shoes change along with trends for wedding dresses. Some of the wedding shoes that are trendy in 2010 are listed below:

1. Antique-looking wedding dresses are hot this year, resulting in styles of wedding shoes that show elements of the past such as Victorian-style beading.

2. Sexy and more feminine wedding shoes are trendy for 2010. “Strappy” styles will surely make the bride look sensual and daring as she walks down the aisle.

3. Embellished shoes, especially those using crystal or pave adornments, are also trendy for 2010.

4. Another top trend for 2010 is shoes with various shapes such as bows. If the shape is echoed in the dress, it can give a perfectly coordinated look.

5. Feathers in shoes are a new hot trend for 2010.

Wedding shoes are an important part of your wedding plans as they complement the dress. Trendy wedding shoes give a contemporary look to the bride and coordinate with current dress styles.   So, when purchasing your wedding shoes, consider what is trendy this year.

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Be Careful In Choosing Your Wedding Shoes As They Can Make Or Break Your Wedding Day!

Shoes are shoes, right? You put them on, wear them around and toss them in the closet when you are done. But, not when it comes to shoes for your wedding.

While there are a lot of very important decisions to be made when you are planning your wedding, make sure you don’t over look your shoes. You don’t want to be uncomfortable while you are trying to enjoy your special day. They need to work well with your dress while being beautiful and comfortable at the same time.

There are a lot of things to consider when picking out your wedding shoes. So how do you know what to look for? Read on!

Comfort should be the number one thing on your shopping list. Don’t forget – you will be spending more time on your feet than you may realize. There is the walk down the aisle, stand in the receiving line to thank guests for coming, pictures, cut the cake and even dance. All of that will be done in your wedding shoes.

If your wedding shoes are not comfortable, it will make it difficult to enjoy your day. One option, of course, is to change your shoes on the way to the reception, but make sure your main shoes are ones that you will want to wear all day in case you get caught up and forget to change.

Even though many people think otherwise, heels are not a necessary evil when you are picking out your wedding shoes. If you wish, you can cut them out all together, opting instead for pumps or even flats. If you do not usually wear heels, make sure you walk around in shoes that are the same construction of your wedding shoes to get used to them.

You are going to want to pick out the height of your shoes before you are fitted for your dress. Even if you haven’t picked out just the right shoe, but know you want a 2 ?” heel, buy a pair of ‘dummy’ shoes to wear to your fittings until you do find the ones to wear on your wedding day.

photo courtesy of Genevieve Nisly

Matching the color of your dress is probably the hardest part about buying the shoe. Remember that every body has a different idea about what white is. Is yours winter white, bright white or pure white? Is it off-white? Ecru? Ivory? Eggshell? Take a swatch of the same fabric as your dress.  One option that has grown in popularity over the last few years is to take your wedding shoes and have them professionally dyed. Again, make sure you have the fabric with you, both when you place your order and when you pick up the shoes. This will help ensure you are happy with the way the shoes look with your dress.

Shopping for your wedding shoes at the end of the day, will help in correct fitting because your feet swell during the day. Also, if you plan on wearing stockings on the big day, wear stockings when you are shopping.


Wedding shoes can almost be just as important to your wedding attire as the dress. By paying close attention to the shoes when shopping will help to make your wedding day the wonderful experience it should be with out the pain of ill-fitting shoes.

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